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US Stuns Syria With Missile Attacks: Russia Suspends Agreement That Avoids it’s Direct Clash US

US Stuns Syria With Missile Attacks: Russia Suspends Agreement That Avoids it’s Direct Clash US

US president Donald Trump have shocked the world by launching a massive missile attack on Syrian navy. Donald Trump ordered the US missile attack on Syria retaliating the chemical weapon attack by Syrian President Bashar-al-assad. US Stuns Syria with missile attacks to know more please read all article what Russia told regarding this.

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In a statement released by Pentagon, the US military fully complied with the Law of Armed Conflict and took special measures for avoiding any civilian casualty during the air strikes on Syrian navy. America also ensured that the Russian army in Syria is not getting affected with it’s missile attack. Attack of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles by United States of America was launched from their base in Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The news that “U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base after Chemical Weapons Attack” have been all over the internet and TV since today morning and after US missile attack on Syria, US and Russia have directly entered in the conflict zone.

Before launching missile strike on Syria, American President Donald Trump urged to “all civilised nations” for working towards stopping the bloody war in Syria.

Reaction from the Assad regime

Syrian President Assad’s office announced that the American Missile attacks are foolish and showing irresponsibility of Donald Trump government. which is short-sighted and a blind mistake by American armed forces.

Governor of Homes, Talal Barazi gave confirmation that the strikes didn’t caused huge human casualties; however, it did massive material damage. He called the American missile attack on Syria a support to armed terrorists and a bad attempt to weaken the capabilities of Syrian army to fight against terrorists.

Reaction from Russia over US missile attacks on Syria

Soon after the attack, Russian an ally of Syria have suspended the agreement that avoids it’s direct conflict with US. Russian President Vladimir Putin have called the attack on Assad’s forces to be illegal. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have also updated a Facebook post saying that the US air strikes on Syria have completely ruined the relations between Russia and USA.

Reaction by other countries on American attack on Syria

European Union have welcomed the American attach on Syria and called it’s a correct step against the people using chemical weapons on civilians. Germany called the Trump’s move as “Understandable”.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Saudi Arabia too supported Trump’s move as the recent chemical attacks on civilians in Syria have killed more than 100 people including kids and women.

Damage done to Syrian Navy

In Friday’s US attack on Syria, around nine fighter planes and fuel depots are completely destroyed as per reports. However, the runway seems to be still intact.

Stores with ammunition were also destroyed during the attacks. Although all equipment were not destroyed in the US attacks and in an after attack video the runway was visible covered with debris and 2 fighter jets in their concrete hangars were also visible.

Slamming the US attack on Syria, Russia called it thoughtless and stupid aggregation against a republic country.

American missile attacks on Syria were ordered by Trump as a tough answer to suspected chemical weapon attack on Tuesday. After UN’s rejection for a probe into chemical weapon attack which took life of more than 100 civilians. Thanks for reading the full blog “US Stuns Syria With Missile Attacks: Russia Suspends Agreement That Avoids it’s Direct Clash US” i hop you liked the article .

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