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Top 5 Interesting Features of Android O

top 5 interesting features of android o

Top 5 Interesting Features of Android O

Google recently rolled out developer preview for Android O it includes a lot of new and amazing features. Although Google have not revealed all the new features to be available in Android O; however, we are pretty sure about what should be expected from the upcoming update.  The core changes are going to be in battery life, custom lock screen short cuts, physical keyboard support, notifications, and few more changes to make android a little more friendly for its users. so check out the Top 5 Interesting Features of Android O.
Android O is still now uncovered fully and many new features will surface in upcoming time. If Google follows the launch cycle to Android N, then Android O might be announced in August, 2017.
Let’s check the top 5 features of Android O

1. PIP

Now the days are for big Smartphone screens which gives users to do more things at same time. Big screens cal allow users to watch videos, chat, browser internet and many other tasks. Now with Android O, users can perform 2 tasks at same time! Surprised? Here is another surprise, one of the top tasks should be watching You Tube! It’s like a shameless YouTube promotion; however, it will be good for people who love watching videos on YouTube.
This feature is not new as it was already supported by Android TV devices having Nougat.

2. Adaptive Icons

Although it does not seem that Android O is going to bring a huge visual overhaul, the new software feature will give few visual tweaks when it’s launched. The major tweaks are done with the icons as then can easily adapt the environment they are in.
Google is going with the circular icons in it’s devices; however, they will allow developers to integrate their own icons with the help of adaptive icon feature. Developers can create adaptive icons which is displayed in different shapes by system. The system will also animate the interactions with the icons, shortcuts, launcher, sharing, dialogs, settings and with the overview screen.

3. Notification Channels

With redesigned notification channel, it seems that Google is applying the experience it have gained on user requirements. The new Android O will give users ability to block the notifications from individual channels separately. For example, a new app will allow users to get notification only about technology related news and block all other breaking news notifications.

4. Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts

Google is going to give Android users customer lock screen feature where they can choose their own lock screen shortcuts. This feature is kept simple allowing Android users to customize left and right shortcuts on the lock screen.

5. Physical Keyboard Support

Hardware keyboards are next bigger thing in Android particularly now when Chrome books have access to Google Play Store applications and the mysterious Andromeda platform is sneaking around. With Android O, Google is going to allow developers to make use of shortcuts and navigation easier than ever via a Physical keyboard.

With still few months away from the launch, Android O will take Android OS towards a new direction with its new features.I hope now you have better understanding, “what the Top 5 Interesting Features of Android O” . Thanks for reading this blog, please share your thought for new upcoming features in Android ‘O’ .

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