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Top 10 best iOS apps in 2017

Top 10 best iOS apps in 2017

Looking for cool new apps for your iPhone or iPad? Here’s a list of the top 10 best iOS apps to be used on iOS devices in 2017, in no particular order:


Availability: Free on App Store GetApp

Quik is just another video editing and formatting application. The advantage that it has over its competitors is that it automatically allows you to make and edit videos in impressive formatting just the way you want, with a few taps only. Its many features include trimming, reordering, style and music adjustments, and a lot more to give you a beautifully made video to share with family and friends.


Availability: $1.99/£1.49/Rs.129.41 on App Store GetApp

Cesium is basically a music player designed for all those vintage iOS version fans. It doesn’t ignore your favorite music collection and playlists. It allows you to easily reach your favorite artists, songs, albums by using tabs. Through sorting and arranging features, it enables you to manage your music in a neat and clean manner. So you should definitely buy Cesium if you are a great music-lover.


Availability: $1.9/£1.49/Rs.129.41 on App Store GetApp

Since the evolution of social media, and tremendous use of websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, people have sort of sidelined the idea of writing journals. But avid journal-makers need not worry, as Momento is the solution for you. It lets you import content from the aforementioned websites, thereby helping you maintain a perfect journal for yourself.

Reeder 3:

Availability: $4.99/£3.99/Rs.324.50 on App Store GetApp

For all those OCD stricken souls out there, who love to see their feeds all arranged in a neat and clean manner, there is this app called Reeder 3 to give you the relief that you need. It arranges each article delivered in chronological order, for you to pick any in your own sweet time. It is fast, brisk and a little heavy on your pockets, but trust us; it is worth your every penny.

Calendars 5:

Availability: $6.99/£4.99/Rs.454.56 on App Store GetApp

For all those who are not fans of the built-in iOS Calendar app, here is a more old-school tool called Calendars 5- an amazing tasker with impressive reminder features that put the iOS Calendar app to shame. You can have a feel of this very useful app through the free version, but it would be lacking few of the very interesting features available on the paid version.

Streets 3:

Availability: $1.99/£1.49/Rs.129.41 on App Store GetApp

If you find the Google Street View a little slow and complex, then you should download this rather simpler and faster iOS counterpart of it, called the Streets 3.It gives you reasonable amount of knowledge in terms of places to visit, navigation and the like. It provides you a whole new navigating experience with the 3D mapping features. This app will surely be of great use to you.

Wi-Fi Priority:

Availability: $0.99/79p/Rs.64.38 on App Store GetApp

If you are really done with your iOS device getting automatically connected to different Wi-Fi networks you do not want, then Wi-Fi Priority is your best option. What it does is, allows you to choose and sign in to a network and optionally block the auto-join, thus enabling your device to join the network of your liking only.

Obscura Camera:

Availability: $4.99/£3.99/Rs.324.50 on App Store GetApp

Among the many camera apps available for iOS, Obscura stands out mainly because of its easy and quick navigation and control. Chucking the annoying complex features, it allows the user to reach the adjusting features like focus, expose and ISO more easily than it ever was. So far, this is the best camera app for iOS according to us.


Availability: Free on App Store GetApp

Of course, you know how popular Prisma has been among iOS users. And rightly so, because it is by far the best picture-into-art conversion app. It gives you many formatting styles to choose from. Its easy navigation allows you to convert any picture into a miniature cartoon in no time. And you can always share these pictures on social media with your family and friends.

Cosmic- Watch:

Availability: $3.99/£2.99/Rs.259.47 on App Store GetApp

Standing out amongst all the other astronomy applications, Cosmic- Watch provides you with a whole other experience of the Earth and the cosmos. You can save multiple locations just by a tap, time travel and do many more things using this great app.

Tayasui Blocks:

Availability: $1.99/£1.49/Rs.129.41 on App Store GetApp

This user-friendly app is just like simpler social version of LEGO, where you build stuff and share it on social media with family and friends. Something you made that you do not like? You can always attack and destroy that and come up with better and more creative ideas each time you go. This is a great app for passing time and enhancing your artsy side.


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