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Top 10 Android Applications in 2017

Top 10 Android Applications in 2017

Looking for some quality new apps that are running in 2017? Here is a list of 10 best Android applications, in no particular order, that are must-haves:

Google Now and Google Assistant:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
Both Google Now and Google Assistant are more or less alike. So, Google Now works just like Siri and Cortana whereas what Google Assistant does is, it goes a step ahead and allows to use voice search, issue voice commands, send texts and do other similar things. Both of them are easily available on Google Playstore for free. You can download these to make your work easier and quicker.
Blue Mail:

Availability: Free on Google PlayStore

Blue Mail is without any doubt, the best email application there is. What it offers you includes all round compatibility, non-complex interface, and better organization. Its major functions include security by allowing locking your private emails, coloring coding, use of widgets, and many other such options. This 4.7/5 rated app on Google PlayStore is totally worth your storage space
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Google Opinion Rewards:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
As the name suggests, this application asks for your opinion in the form of surveys, and you get paid in return for the survey you wrote for Google. So basically what this app does is, take your surveys and gives you credit to spend on the store, which may be in the form of 5 Points or sometimes even 10 Points. Isn’t it worth few minutes of time? We say you download this app now.

Avast Antivirus & Security:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
This powerful yet trustworthy application is like a gold mine for people looking for basic protection and security, whereas for people looking to go a little further, there are in-app purchases that cover cool features like geofencing and remote data recovery. Proven one of the best antiviruses, the PC software for this gives you more than enough reason to download this app for your mobile.

Clean Master:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
Don’t you hate it when your mobile starts to lag a lot? Well, Clean Master is the best solution to this problem. It drains out all the junk from your phone like an efficient cleaner and removes all residual files and useless cache hidden in your mobile.


Availability: Free on Google Play Store
This app would be the best for making the best use of your phone’s battery. It secretly runs in the background while stopping the apps which are not in use on your command and gives you instant access when you need to use them. This way, it saves a magnificent amount of power which would otherwise have been going wasted. Get this app to get the best results out of your phone.


Availability: Free on Google Play Store
Everyone prefers WiFi over excess mobile data wastage, isn’t it? WifiMapper allows you to access free, good quality WiFi anywhere in the world. It makes use of crowdsourcing and maps out places where WiFi is available to be shared with a community of people around. You can easily download this app and never would have to be completely dependent on your mobile data.

Opera Max:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
To utilize your mobile data in the best way possible, you can download the Opera Max for free. This app saves about one-third to half of your mobile data why reducing the size of the images and videos, allowing some apps to connect over WiFi only, and other such amazing features. By using this app, you will find that a tremendous amount of data can be saved on your phone.


Availability: Free on Google Play Store
This would be the perfect app for all those avid readers out there who want something or the other to read or share at any given point of time. What this app does is, save any article or video that you might want to read or watch at a given time in the future, when you don’t have data. You can access these saved files through all pocket-connected devices so it makes even more convenient to use.

Next Lock Screen:

Availability: Free on Google Play Store
Generally all these lock screen apps are more or less the same in terms of functions and other features. But this app, created by Microsoft Garage employees in their free time, is one of a kind. It has got fingerprint scanning, smart configuration, location sensitive wallpapers, and many more other brilliant features. Having won the “best lock screen app for Android” award, this app definitely increases your phone’s life and adds a lot to its features.
Get these powerful yet quite user-friendly apps and you’re good to go!

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