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Top 7 Technology Trends Which can step in 2017

Top 7 Technology Trends Which can step in 2017

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Technology is now become a part of every human being living. We all are directly or indirectly depends on it. Day by day new trends of technology are coming to the real world. From my point of view there are some technology trends that may conquer in 2017. If you are going to start your business then I must say these are the best options.

1. AR(Augmented Reality ) & VR(Virtual Reality)

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Augmented reality is a set of things that are directly or indirectly connected to the world whose component are augmented. Virtual reality is a thing that set a realistic image to make a real environment. Some work has been already done on these trends in 2016. Many apps are designed already like Pokémon go, an AR games. AR and VR all set to rule the world in future.

2. Automation

This technology trend is also in progress. All the production companies are using the automatic system to control the machinery and other equipment. This will be more in 2017 as when the automation and machine work together then everything will be simple, easy and faster.

3. IoT and Smart Home tech


IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a system that connects all computing devices and digital machines. We heard about this a lot but rarely we can see this technology as only bigger companies are using this. Let’s see some more advanced version of this technology in 2017.

4. Everything On-Demand

We are living in a world where all wants to be in comfort zone. Everything they want by just some clicks. Either we are talking about food, movies or car. Apps like Ola, Uber, food panda and many more make the living comfortable. Some more great achievements can be seen in future by the technology.

5. Security and Privacy

Day by day we are listening tech news that accounts are hacked, data has been stolen and many things like this. Security and privacy is a basic need now for everyone. Each person wants to be secure his belongings in this world. So many more enhancements can be seen in security and privacy in 2017.

6. Humanize Big Data

Every marketing company has its own large scale data. Big data is the backbone foe every company. Lots of efforts are put to organize this big data. In future, may be some better technique will available to humanize big data.

7. Smart Wearable

If we talk about the smart wearable in 2016 then we can easily say that there was no special impact on everyone’s life by this technology. Smart wearable like watches, wrist bands etc have suffered a lot in previous year. But the time has changed and the sales of this technology have come to boom in future. A major reconfiguration will be seen in this year.
So, if as we see these technology trends there will be a lot of things that could happened in future. Our lives are going to be completely changed by the latest technology. So let’s wait and watch what going to be happened in 2017.

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