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what is QLED TV by Samsung? QLED vs OLED vs LED Pros and Cons.


What is QLED TV  by Samsung? QLED vs OLED vs LED Pros and Cons.

Often, it gets a little difficult to choose from a various qualities of things. One of them could be the different kinds of screens that are available in the market for various devices. There are LED, OLED and QLED displays for you to choose from. Now, the question arises as to which one among the given types of displays is the best. For this, one needs to know about each of them and what their qualities and drawbacks are. We give you an insight to all three of them and leave it on your discretion to choose whichever fulfill your needs in the best way. Find the difference between QLED vs OLED vs LED in below.

What is LED technology pros and cons ?

Starting with the Light Emitting Diode display or LED display, as it is more popularly known, it is nothing but a flat panel display that makes use of LED as the video display. It may be either a small one or a part of a larger display. It consists of several LED panels which causes greater usage with least power- consumption at the same time.

Usage: It is used in devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computers laptop screens, billboard advertisements.

Pros: It is highly efficient, has low-power usage, which is mostly beneficial for cell phones and tablets due to their regular consumption. In addition, it has a surprisingly huge light intensity, as compared to its traditional counterparts.

Cons: LEDs are now costlier as compared to the conventional lighting technologies. The current price per lumen, on an initial capital cost basis, is by far more expensive than the other options, barring the OLED.

What is OLED technology pros and cons ?

Coming to the next category, we have the Organic Light-Emitting Diode or OLED. Now, this is basically a kind of a variation to the LED display, which has an emissive electroluminescent layer, which is a film of organic compound which emits light in response to an electric current.

Talking about the main difference between the LED display and the OLED display, LED display makes use of a backlight to illuminate their pixels whereas OLED has pixels that make their own light entirely.

Also, one can manage the brightness of the OLED display by varying the pixels, which is not available for LED display.

Usage: OLED display technology is mostly available in high- end smartphones from Samsung and also in the latest TV sets from Sony, Samsung and LG.

Pros: As mentioned earlier, one can control the brightness of an OLED displayed device, contrary to the LED display. Being the latest technology in the market, it provides a cutting-edge picture and video quality, which is the best so far.

Cons: OLED display is comparatively costlier than the LED and LCD displays, the reason being that their cost of production is extremely high. Talking about Samsung, it just produced on OLED model, which got sold for £7000 in the year 2013. But now, the prices have gotten a notch lower, allowing you to get an OLED TV for about £1800.

What is QLED technology pros and cons ?

This latest display technology introduced by Samsung is Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. It is nothing but a variation if the Quantum Dot TV technology which was also introduced by Samsung. So what is so different about this QLED display after all? Well, for starters it uses these little particles called the quantum dots, which are between 2 to 10 nanometres in diameter. To be clearer, it just makes display way better by emitting brighter, more vibrant  and diversified colors.

Usage: As mentioned earlier, it was a brain child of Samsung. The used it in TVs, Kindle and other such devices.

Pros: The major advantage that QLED has over its other counterparts is that it gives you the best picture quality but being pretty cost-effective at the same time.

Finally, after having an insight into the different displays, we hope that it will become a little easier for you to choose the most suitable one for yourself. Thanks for Reading my blog i think now you guys better under stand the difference between “QLED vs OLED vs LED”.

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