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Netflix vs YouTube: Netflix Watch TV Shows, Movies Music live in Online

Netflix vs YouTube :-All that is there to know about the humongous brand that is Netflix.

As if the rising popularity and trend towards social media wasn’t enough already, we have yet another pretty addictive yet cool entertainment company called Netflix offering streaming media and video-on-demand services online making it pretty convenient for anyone and everyone to watch the latest movies, shows and other media right at home. Barring most of us who are avid users of Netflix, here is an insight into what Netflix really, is for all those are still not quite familiar with it.

What is Netflix ?

This American entertainment company convened by two people named Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997 started just as a media streaming service. But gradually, it developed into film and television production, along with online distribution. So basically what it offers is allowing its subscribers to stream TV series and films giving you an option to use Netflix on numerous platforms like computers, tablets, smartphones, digital media players, video game consoles and even smart TVs. The giant company made its debut in India in 2016.

Netflix Pricing and Plan

Talking about how much it would cost you to subscribe to Netflix for a month, in the US, it is about $7.99/month offering unlimited streaming. Whereas in India, Netflix was introduced with three separate subscription plans- Basic, Standard and Premium.

      • Basic: Starting at Rs. 500 without any support for HD/ Ultra HD video streaming, unlimited movies and TV shows of your liking, but only for one screen at a time.
      • Standard: At Rs.650/month, this plan gives you HD viewing allowing you to watch two screens at the same time, in addition to the Basic subscription.
      • Premium: This plan, at Rs.800, gives you coverage of HD content allowing up to three other screens to be used simultaneously, making it a total of 4 screen access at the same time.

What’s in it for Indian users?

With increased popularity of TV shows binging and Movies among people of all ages in India, the use of Netflix in the country is sure to increase. With some of the top rating TV shows like Narcos, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things and The Crown (all Netflix originals) being streamed on Netflix, people are loving truly loving the amazing content being offered. All these shows have not only impressed the West, but also have won greater accolades in India. Also, people will actually stop using not-so-legal means to get movies and TV shows. They even have introduced Bollywood movies for the popular choice in India and other countries as well. Classic like “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” is one of the many that are offered. So why not?

The only issue is the pricing. In recent times, Netflix has gained many competitors in the Indian market like Amazon Prime, Spuul, Reliance’s BIGFlix, Eros Now, MyPlex, YuppTV, etc. With Amazon Prime giving more or less the same content as Netflix at lower rates, people may as well make a shift. But if one is looking for quality, then there is hardly any tough competition for Netflix so far.

Netflix vs YouTube and DTH 

Netflix vs. YouTube-Ever since YouTube Red got launched; it has been acting as a major competitor for Netflix. It offers no ads, original content and access to premium music on YouTube Music, which Netflix clearly doesn’t offer. But the line is drawn where we realise that Netflix offers original shows and other networks as well, whereas YouTube offers homemade videos, so both have totally different motives, which is why YouTube Red was introduced to fill the gaps and minimise the differences. Now, as mentioned earlier, Netflix offers neatly stacked movies and shows which have been critically acclaimed internationally, along with being compatible to most devices. Whereas, YouTube Red is a little complex. Apart from providing free subscription, zero ads, and other such services, the major scoring point for Red here is allows saving videos offline, which Netflix doesn’t.

Talking about original content, YouTube Red being a new player has very few originals as compared to the front-runner Netflix which is popular for its cult-like following for shows like OITNB and House of Cards.

Unless you are an avid YouTube user, you should go for Netflix for better quality, cheaper price, more options and trust of thousands of users.

Netflix vs. normal DTH service

Well, analysts from major financial corporations have to say that local DTH service providers need not worry about the Netflix launch in India as it is; Indian users are handling the bandwidth problems. Then again, pricing is also a great determinant as Netflix’s rates are on the higher side for a competitive market; we are talking about two-three times higher than DTH rates. So it won’t entirely be wrong to conclude that Netflix shall be popular among niche users.

Our Verdict

In comparison with YouTube, Netflix may have been a winner because of its services in terms of quality, wide range, comparatively cheaper pricing and loyalty of the users. But while comparing Netflix with the normal DTH service providers, it lags behind majorly because of pricing plans and network issues. So we suggest that if budget is not issue and you are an ardent follower of Netflix originals, then you should definitely go for Netflix. Otherwise, the good old DTH is good option too.

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