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LG G6 Full Review,Pros,Cons and Specifications

LG G6 Full Review,Pros,Cons and Specifications

LG G6 Full Review,Pros,Cons and Specifications

Summary of LG G6

The G6 comes at a decisive time for LG. It made a loss in the past years following the disappointing sales of its two models, the G5 and V20 but, its new handset is a brave step in the right direction, it doesn’t always save a company’s destiny. To cut to the chase, the LG G6 is an amazing smartphone that easily grips its own against the best smartphones ever made. lets start the LG G6 Full Review,Pros,Cons and Specifications

Introduction of LG G6 :

So the LG G6 is an attractive and effective phone from all corners, once the customer gets over the wide-aspect display. We’re bound to see a greater number of smartphones using this thin screen this year, as the Galaxy S8 shows, and the G6 requires the wow factor of Samsung’s curved ends.
Furthermore, the phone is available in three colors, the black, white and silvery-blue colors in which require imagination, and the glass-backed design with metal sides feels a bit “me too” at this stage. Basically, it looks great from the front side, but a little dull from others.
It is water-resistant, although, something I’m expecting to have more and more functions in this top-end phone. The IP68 mark means it will survive an accidental meeting in the bathtub or toilet – just remember that the mark only applies to “fresh water”.

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Appearance and Design of LG G6 :

Rather than the regular representative 16:9 ratio displays seen on almost every other smartphone, LG has opted for a big 18:9 ratio display (basically 2:1) that provides a longer panel in the smaller body.
The “5.7-inch display” – a size increased from the previous “5.3-inch panel” of the G5 – attached inside a shell that’s hardly bigger than its previous and one that is noticeable, smaller than the “5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus” and “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”.
One side effect of packing a bigger screen into a case of this size is that the corners of this phone panel are now rounded. It’s a little odd at first sight, but easy to becomes comfortable too.

LG G6 Features Specification :

  • Display:  18:9 quad-HD display screen
  • Camera Quality:  “HDR10 and Dolby Vision”
  • Processor:  Android 7.0
  • Body:  Very thin bezel
  • RAM:  Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM
  • Internal Memory:  32GB storage, microSD
  • Battery:  3,300mAh battery, USB-C

LG G6 Hardware:

  • Qualcomm SD821 chip, not the latest SD835
  • Wireless charging, but for US only
  • Non-removable 3300mAh battery life
  • Attractive round shape body
  • Three decent colors

The LG G6 doesn’t qualify the latest “Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip”. As a substitute, the company has opted for the SD821 attached with 4GB of RAM and a choice of 32GB or 64GB of internal memory.

Cameras of LG G6 :

  • Primary:  Dual “13 MP” (f/1.8, OIS, 3-axis, phase detection AF) + 13 MP (f/2.4, no AF), Dual-LED flash, quality Check
  • Features:  1/3″ sensor size, 1.12 µm pixel size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR
  • Video:  2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 30/60fps, HDR, 24-bit/192kHz stereo sound recording., quality check
    Secondary: – “5 MP, f/2.2, 1080p”

Battery Life of LG G6

  • The G6 has a 3,300mAh non-removable battery.

Cons :

  • The company is charging top price for older internals
  • The Camera isn’t a huge improvement
  • The UK model deficient features
  • Audio is not equal to the visuals
  • All models required Quad DAC, wireless charging, and more storage

Pros :

  • Great display (18.9 ratios)
  • Unique a wide-angle camera
  • Eye-catching design
  • Comfortable, attractive body
  • Large, beautiful screen for bigger display
  • Great picture quality from dual-lens camera
  • Latest software technology with Google Assistant
  • “IP68” water resistant (Fresh water)

In the box contains of LG G6 :

  • LG G6 handset with embedded battery
  • USB charger
  • Nano SIM card
  • Start guide
  • User manual

I hope you liked “LG G6 Full Review,Pros,Cons and Specifications” .Tell me in comment section are you Buy this or Samsung S8 plus.



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