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iPhone 8: Release, Major Specs & Features, and Latest Rumours

iPhone 8: Release, Major Specs & Features, and Latest Rumours

Everything you need to know about the upcoming model from Apple!

It hasn’t been very long since Apple released its latest models, iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Nevertheless, news regarding the next big flagship phone from Apple- iPhone 8 has started spreading like wildfire. Considering the fact 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary for the handset since its launch, we think that iPhone 8 might be released with some huge changes. Also, the confusion regarding the name of the handset is rising, as to whether it will be named iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition. So far, we’ve been calling it iPhone 8, but we have no clue as to what it will be named officially. Going into the specifics regarding why it would be named in a certain way; although iPhone 8 makes more sense as the succeeding model after iPhone 7, but considering the fact that this year would be the 10th anniversary for the phone,it could even be named iPhone 10 or iPhone X (X being the Roman equivalent to 10) and iPhone Edition, because it may follow the naming from the Premium Apple Watch Edition. We can only guess, after all.  And we are talking about changes in the design, specs, and other big features of the handset, so it is sure to take you by surprise.

iPhone 8 Release Date:

Keeping in mind that all the iPhone models other that iPhone SE, were released in the month of September every year. we reckon the release of iPhone 8 also will take place somewhere in early September, 2017, and shall be on sale probably by Mid- September, 2017. Talking about the exact dates for launch and sale of the iPhone 8, we went back in time a little to notice that iPhone 7 was launched on September 7, 2016. whereas iPhone 6 and 6S were both launched on September 9, 2016. So that is enough reason for us to believe that the launch date for iPhone 8 will more or less be the same this year. Moreover, the handsets were all available in the market for all the previous models within one or two weeks after the launch, so we reckon that even iPhone 8 shall be available to buyers by the end of September, 2017.

iPhone 8 Features:

  • A curved OLED display: As mentioned by a noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 8 will have a curved OLED display. For those who are not familiar with OLED display, it is basically a technology which can deliver amazing contrast and vibrant colors. We can say that this feature is more or less being copied from Samsung phones, as they have this feature mostly.
  • A 5.8 inch screen: It goes without saying that iPhone 8 shall have a greater screen size as that is the usual trend with Apple phones, where the screen keeps on increasing with latest handsets. According to Ming- Chi Kuo, the screen size for Iphone 8 shall be 5.8 inch which is even greater than that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • No home button: Back in the year 2015, there were talks of Apple trying to remove the home button and somehow integrating the Touch ID with the screen itself. If we were to believe Apple blogger John Gruber’s claims, the whole face of the handset will be the display, and the Touch ID and front camera will somehow be integrated with the display, adjusting the sensor behind it. Considering the fact the Apple played with the home button this year in iPhone 7, removing it completely in iPhone 8 is a bold yet ambitious move for the brand. Let’s see how that turns out.
  • Wireless Charging: Rumours regarding wireless charging may even be believed as they have major supporting reports. Not long ago, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium, making it even more plausible. Adding to this, there’s The Verge reporting the fact that the brand has been hiring wireless-charging experts. If this wasn’t enough, the Nikkei Asian Review also mentioned that one if Apple’s major manufacturers- Foxconn, has been working on wireless charging modules for this year’s model.
  • Storage: Leaving behind the old 32GB as the low storage option, Apple is moving towards making the base models equipped with 64GB, as mentioned by TrendForce. In addition, you shall be able to expand the RAM up to 3GB. Not only this, some other reports claim that along with a newer model of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus mostly releasing in March this year, the iPhone 8 could also have a storage of 256GB for photos, videos and apps. Now that’s a huge step up, isn’t it?

iPhone 8 Design:

The most interesting rumour which we can also believe is that iPhone 8 shall have a curved glass back, in addition to curved screen that was already there in iPhone 7. We are counting on this rumour more than anything because it is backed up by the Apple CEO himself, who claimed that one of the models of iPhone will adopt glass casing next year. Now, this is a little vague in terms of which model, as it can be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus or iPhone 8.

In addition to it being waterproof, the other major features include an iris scanner, a smart connector and added security features.

iPhone 8 Price:

We haven’t got hold of any price speculations as of now, but it may cost more or less the same as iPhone 7, which means around $649, rising to around $849 for the largest storage size.


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