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How to Speed up your Android device in 7 easy steps! -Tips & Tricks

How to Speed up your Android device in 7 easy steps! -Tips & Tricks

Most of the Android Users thinks that why my android device’s speed getting slowdown, some user might wondering why its happening,in current high end mobile Era ,The Android devices comes with 2GB,3GB,4GB of RAM with latest Processor.If yes then you are the right place, i will tell you the trick , Now follow the How to Speed up your Android device in 7 easy steps! -Tips & Tricks and your Android device performance will increase defiantly.

1. Discover the issue:

Now the first step is the most obvious where all you have to do is identify the thing that might be causing the lag in your phone. The issue may be an application, multi applications, or the operating system altogether. This can be done with the help of Trepn Profiler by Qualcomm that will show the CPU load for each core, a summary of network traffic for data and Wi-Fi in no time and GPU ad RAM usages along with other things. One can even save their personalised profile for offline usage with the help of Trepn.

2. Get some space freed up:

Reduced storage space is the biggest reason for the phone lag. So in order for it to run smoothly, it is important to remove excess data like apps, pictures, music or videos, from your device by either deleting them or transferring them to some other device.This can be done by either of the following ways:

  • In Storage section of Settings, you may find the amount of space taken up by each application and uninstall the apps you no longer need or may live without for a while.
  • You can also free up some space by deleting the files from the Downloads section which are basically storage wasting space. This can be done by selecting the waste files and tapping the bin button.
  • Also, most of the apps that are downloaded use data caches to speed up operations. This may take up quite a lot space, which may be deleted too by tapping the Clear Cached Data and thus freeing up some space.
  • One can even disable the some apps which were pre-loaded on your device which you may not need. By doing this one can free up some space which was otherwise being used by those unused apps.

3. Remove the widgets:

Even those widgets which are running on your device may be removed as they also take up their share of quite a lot space. There is no harm in having s few of them running on your phone but if you are not using some of them, it is better to disable them in order to free up space and to make your device work more smoothly.

4. Deactivate redundant animations and extras:

On the basis of the launcher that you are using, you may have some unnecessary animations and special effects, which also take some space. These may be disabled by reviewing your launcher’s settings and getting yourself a hike in the speed.

5. Shut down some apps:

Although it is great and a lot easier to multitask by switching between different apps. But you absolutely need that particular app running simultaneously, it is considered to swipe it up and close it down. This will instantly make your device run faster. Another way is to clear up the RAM by tapping the Clear memory button to shut down redundant apps running in the background.

6. Reboot your device:

This would be on the fastest and the easiest ways to speed up your device in the short run. Restarting the device clear all cached data, shut down redundant apps and tasks, and allow the device’s operations to be back at a smooth pace.

7. Explore more:

Another way is to keep a track of the apps that are using up a lot of battery in the Battery section of Settings. Also, monitoring the RAM usage and Process stats could give you a greater perspective.

Now i think you Guys understand “How to Speed up your Android device in 7 easy steps” .

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