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Google’s Top 5 Future Projects – From Self Driving Cars To A Robotic Army

Google's top5 future projects

Google’s Top 5 Future Projects – From Self Driving Cars To A Robotic Army

Have a question in your mind? Check with Google for quick answer. Google is currently the most widely used search engine; however, Google is now more than a search engine company . Google owns the popular Android OS but Google’s reach is far beyond the online platform.Lets talk more about Google’s Top 5 Future projects.

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Since last half a decade, Google is trying to win world’s heart with it’s extraordinary research programs. Good research programs in science and technology are greatly going to benefit humanity. From almost getting sold to Yahoo! for $1 million Google have surely come a long way ahead now.

Google’s research programs includes projects like space exploration, Internet through balloons, self driving cars and many more. Let’s have a look at Google’s top 5 Future Projects (research) program which can be highly beneficial in future:

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1. Advanced Robot Army

Google is currently building an advanced robotic army! Yes, you read it correct. Initially after implementing robotics in their self-driving cars, Google have acquired more than 8 robotic companies including Bostons Dynamics which is known to provide advanced robot to Pentagon.
When I am writing this, Google have already acquired the patent for controlling robot armies. Google have also patented creating robots with human like personalities. They are also doing a lot more behind the walls. Google is actually building smart robots which can interact with each other, download their software updates and complete many other tasks themselves.
Just imagine of Google’s self-driving cars interacting with each other and avoiding collision along with controlling traffic on their own.

2. Self Driving Cars

Currently many automobile giants like Volkswagen, Tesla, General Motors, Mercedes and many others are pushing for driver less cars. Google is also famously working on it’s self driving cars and have tested it as well. Google’s self driving cars are involved eleven small accidents in last six years and none of them have be reported to have occurred due to Google self driving car’s fault.
With introduction of autonomous cars, the fast computing will decrease the road accidents and will also help those who are not capable to drive due to disabilities, health reasons or old age. However, like we see in movies, if these automated cars are hacked, it can create a havoc!!

3. Space Exploration

The buzz about exploring the space is in news since Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, Space-X and Elon Musk of Tesla started the space race. Google too have plans to explore space and Google has leased a NASA airfield at $1.16 billion for 60 years.
Google’s first space plan is to go back to moon for exploration. And for this they have launched  Lunar XPRIZE and are going to take help from some private companies.
Under Lunar XPRIZE, a cash reward of $20 million is available for the participating teams accompanying 3 things: landing a robot on moon’s surface, moving it atleast 500 meters on, above, or below the moon’s surface, and send back the HDTV streams to planet Earth, so we can enjoy Moon view in HD! The motive is a lot more than just sharing HDTV streams to earth for sure.

4. Google Smart Contact Lens

The prime motive of Google contact lens is to monitor sugar levels on people suffering from diabetes. This may seem a small thing; however, for people suffering from diabetes it’s a big thing. As with the help of Google contact lens, they can detect the sugar level without having to give repeat blood samples to analyze blood sugar.
Google contact lens can detect glucose levels through tears which are generally salty in taste! Yes, Google is going to use a glitter-thin microchips and tiny antenna which is smaller than human hair precisely fitted in soft contact lens material. With continuous monitoring of glucose levels, Google smart contact lens can also alert when glucose levels are high or low.

5. Immortality

Yes, Google is working on defying the death! Sounds like a movie idea, but it’s real in implementation by Google. In-fact, Google have founded a research and development company Calico with the aim to slow ageing. Google’s Calico basically works on researching the ageing process and methods to slow down it.
Calico is also working on new therapies and treatments for diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration. Most things about Calico’s research program are still kept a secret. One of the top explanation on Calico’s is soon going to announce a big reveal.
We have checked top 5 Google projects but actually they have many more like project loon where the idea is to provide internet through balloons, Google’s advanced airborne wind turbine and actually they might have many more secret projects going on. Google’s experimental projects may help mankind in future which is a big positive we can get from the internet search engine giant.

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