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Everything about flying cars- companies involved in it, possibilities and expected price

Everything about flying cars- companies involved in it, possibilities and expected price

Can flying cars become a reality or will is just remain a dream for humans? The answer is yes, but there are conditions applied! In the modern world of Drones, flying car is not something impossible and automobile giant Toyota have now sparkled the flying car debate again by backing a group working on making flying car a reality. Toyota also plans to get the flying car complete ready by 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Toyota have invested in a Japanese startup Cartivator and they are together developing the flying car “Sky Drive”. The flying car “Sky Drive” should be ready by 20158 and it can be fully commercialised by 2020 as per Toyota’s expectations. Sky Drive is something like a drone which can fly approx 33 feet above the ground and at up-to 100 km/h (62mph). Being a sole warrior, flying car Sky Drive is currently world’s smallest commercial flying car having length of  2.9 meter (9.5 foot).

Companies working on flying car development

eVolo VTOL

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk might call flying cars a bad idea; however, there are few companies working to make flying car a reality in next 1 or 2 years.
German company eVolo have recently announced to use it’s VTOL small aircraft as a pilot taxi service somewhere in 2018.

Airbus Project Vahana

Airlines giant Airbus is also is developing a single-person VTOL as a part of Project Vahana (Sounds like a Sanskrit word). The compact aircraft is going to be autonomous and it’s designed for single persons.
This electric compact aircraft from Airbus will achieve the altitude of upto 1000 feet with the help of its octa (eight) rotors. It will be smart enough to auto detect obstacles with it’s inbuilt radar and lidar.

Airbus CityAirbus

Airbus is also working on another project CityAirbus which is actually a flying taxi service. It will be powered by multiple propellers and will look like a drone.

Initially this service will be controlled by pilots and once all regulations are in place, the completely autonomous versions will be doing the trick. This service can be used from the fixed helipads or flying taxipads.


Uber also have jumped into making the dream of flying car come true. Uber recently hired a former advanced aircraft engineer Mark Moore who have worked at NASA.

Uber wants to partner with other companies for city commuting using VTOLs and have plans to commercially launch it by 2026.

Ehang Taxi Drone

Chinese drone manufacturer EHang have already tested a prototype vehicle which can carry 220 pounds at 62mph and can flyover 11.0000 feet.

The company is waiting for the approval from Federal Aviation Administration before beginning flying in US.

Terrafugia Transition

Terrafugia is working on a future flying car which can takeoff, fly and do landing on it’s own but still manually driven.

Terrafugia Transition and TF-X can takeoff vertically which means you do not need a runway for liftoff. This plug in hybrid can go upto 500 miles.

This car seems to have borrowed it’s looks from Hollywood movies and company claims to make it production ready by 2025.

AeroMobil Flying Car

Slovakian company AeroMobil seems to make something very closest to a flying car. Similarly like Terrafugia TF-X, it can be driven on road but needs runway to takeoff.

Many other companies are secretly working on flying cars including Google.
The future surely seem to be adventurous with invention of Flying cars and today when we have advanced drone technology, flying car have almost become a reality. Flying cars are going to be priced around USD 1-1.5 Million untill the technology evolves completely and cheaper options become available.
Human is still learning about wonders of science and who knows that in future we can find something new and unique to defy gravity!

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