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What is BS-4 and the difference between BS-3 and BS-4

difference between BS-3 and BS-4

What is BS-4 and the difference between BS-3 and BS-4

After getting banned by Indian Supreme Court, all BS-3 vehicles cannot be manufactured or sold from April 1, 2017 onwards. This move by Supreme Court have severely affected Indian automobile industry as previously the ban was only on manufacturing of BS-3 vehicles from April 07, 2017. The Supreme Court’s order was like a shocker for automobile companies having manufactured a huge lot of BS-3 vehicles without caring about the much environment as these vehicles will definitely add a lot of pollution. Once the ban was announced, the automobile companies had no option except clearing all the stocks they have of BS-3 vehicles. Result was selling BS-3 vehicles at huge discount and customers grabbed this once in a lifetime like opportunity. continue reading this blog till the end we will tell you about the difference between BS-3 and BS-4 as well as what is “BS” means..

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What is the term “BS”

However, most customers who purchased the BS-3 vehicles do not know the difference between BS-3 and BS-4. BS is the short form of Bharat Stage emission standards set by Indian government with the aim to reduce the pollution caused by automobile vehicles. Since the start of BS-1, India have now adopted BS-4 and government is planning for shifting to BS-6 by 2020.

Difference Between BS-3 and BS-4 Engines

Automobile companies started manufacturing BS-3 engines way back in 2005, so they were already in existence from around 10 years. Along with engines, another major change in BS-4 vehicles is in their exhaust system and petrol tank. Bigger catalytic converters are needed in BS-3 vehicles to reduce the effect of harmful nitrogen-based pollution. This system is not easy to fit in older engines and it also required a supporting airflow for supplying oxygen to the exhaust gases before they enter the catalytic converter. The BS-3 super-bikes you purchased at highest bargaining price of the decade can be made BS-4 compliant in easy steps. It’s not impossible, but it’s still far from being possible to convert BS-3 vehicles to BS-4 compliant.

Changes Required in BS-4 Vehicles

Along with the changes to hardware, automobile manufacturers are considerably tweaking the engine mapping to ensure more efficient combustion inside. Right from the intake of air to exhaust of air, BS – 4 engines have huge difference compared to BS – engines which means even if you use BS-4 fuel in BS-3 vehicles, it will continue to exhaust pollution. And yes, the fuel also needs to be BS-4 compliant else your BS-4 vehicle will keep churning out similar level of pollution as BS-3 vehicles.

BS-4 Compliant Fuel

Oil Refineries have to increase their refining level in order to meet the new BS-4 guidelines. So asking for BS-4 fuel next time at your nearest petrol pump is not an bad idea! In 2010, BS-4 fuel norms were implemented in were implemented in 13 cities Agra, Solapur , Kolkata,Mumbai, NCR, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, Surat, Bangalore and Kanpur.

Changes Required in Fuel Tank of BS-4 Compliant Two-wheelers

Very high content of hydrocarbons is there in the Vapour of your fuel tank, so each time you open the fuel tank lid, a high amount of hydro carbon escapes from the fuel tank. A special carbon canister is attached to the BS IV-compliant two-wheeler to absorb hydro carbon vapours. 2017 KTM 390 Duke uses an EVAP system to overcome this issue of hydro carbon escape.

Upgrading the vehicles to BS-4 norms is like having a war against the pollution created by hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and harmful oxides of nitrogen. New BS-4 compliant two-wheeler will be producing around 60 percent less carbon monoxide and and around 50 percent reduction in hydrocarbons and nitrogen-based gases.

Indian government is taking the correct steps to save environment and reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. The overnight ban on selling of BS-3 vehicles initially created a havoc for automobile manufacturers but such decisions are needed when we want to save our mother earth. Automobile manufacturers had enough time to upgrade their technology to BS-4 compliant norms and this could have definitely saved them from giving huge discounts to clear the old stock of BS-3 vehicles. We do need to give a team effort for saving our mother earth.  Now i think all you guys know, what is the difference between BS-3 and BS-4. Thanks for reading my blog regarding “What is BS-4 and the difference between BS-3 and  BS-4”.

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