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The Best Web Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Edge

The Best Web Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Edge

The Best Web Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Edge

Currently there are many browsers available in market and with the entry of Microsoft Edge the browser it have become more interesting. All browsers have similar features with few differences in features. which means all browsers are good and it depend on your usage that which one suits you.
Let’s explore the 4 top browsers and check which one suits your usage style.Let move into the next level of article The Best Web Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Edge

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We are going to compare the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (Build 40.15063.0.0)
  • Chrome (Build 58.0.3029.81)
  • Firefox (Build 53.0)
  • Opera (Build 44.0.2510.1449)

User Interface : Lets compare these browser according to UI

Most browsers currently have similar interface design with few features up and down which makes them perfectly fine when it comes to usability. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera browser have clean and lean interface while Firefox browser have a bit artistic interface with it’s the default icon theme and the curvy-but-flatly designed tabs.
When it comes customizability Firefox is more customizable than the other 3 top browsers. Moreover you can use a complete theme in Firefox browser which even gives it looks of Chrome or Opera, so here Firefox wins the battle. If you are not using Firefox because of interface, you may consider it now.

Speed and performance: Let test these with speed and Performance.

To quick check the speeds, we used a custom computer powered with an Intel Core i5 4440 processor (6M Cache, 3.10 GHz), 8GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, a 500GB SATA hard drive (7200 RPM), an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 graphics card,a 20.5-inch widescreen LED monitor (1920 x 1080) and Windows 10 OS.

We ran each browser through number or benchmarks and real-life tests on the same computer running Windows 10 OS with the below results:

BrowserJetStream 1.1Kraken JavaScript1.1Red HornetHTML5 Compliance
Higher is betterLower is betterHigher is better“555” is perfect
Chrome 5860.9933,544.4ms82.53521
Firefox Firefox 5354.1723,696.1ms65.56478
Opera 4457.7823,740.1ms76.54520
Edge 4072.1323,940.4ms60.41453

Chrome is topping the both Kraken and Robo Hornet benchmarking tests. This is not much surprising as Chrome is so fast that we can really feel when we use it in our day to day life. Chrome is also topping the HTML5 compatibility with keeping Opera behind by just one point.

With focus on modern web apps, Jetstream benchmark has a new winner this time: Edge. Microsoft have really worked hard this time in optimizing it’s new browser.

Firefox’s Kraken benchmark, two JavaScript benchmarks, and Google’s Octane 2.0, speaks out with vivid results. Opera wins on octane 2 while Chrome tops the Kraken benchmark.
Although most browsers are coming closer to each other; however, with overall performance Chrome seems to be winning here.

AddOns and Extensions: Let see who is winner in fields of Extensions & AddOns

Both Chrome and Firefox are widely supporting extensions since many years and these extensions can enhance your internet experience. Firefox and Chrome have thousand of extensions including categories like Downloads Management, Social & Communication, Productivity, Search Tools, and Shopping.

Firefox is focusing a bit more toward power users by providing specific categories like Tabs, Privacy and Security and Web Development. I love the feature where you can change the skin of Firefox from thousands of beautiful theme add-ons. .

Few of the Chrome’s add on extensions can work offline and also integrate with and integrate a number of Google services like Google Drive and YouTube. For Google services users, the extensions will definitely enhance their experience.

Opera supports extensions but lacks in the number of extensions it currently provides.
Microsoft edge should soon support extensions as per the announcement made by Microsoft . Once it’s applied, the Windows company will have a lot to catch up, especially while covering up the number and variety of add-ons it’s competitor provides.
Here also Chrome is a clear winner with it huge number of extension, benefits and integration with many Google services.

Security and Privacy: Let see the Security and Privacy part of these browsers

Security is the most important feature a web browser. Microsoft Edge and Chrome have a reputation of being the best browser for protecting users security and privacy. Chrome, Opera, and Firefox used Google’s Safe Browsing API to secure from potentially dangerous websites. With the constant updates, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera keeps improving their security features.

However, Chrome goes a step ahead here by scanning your downloads to check potential infection from virus. Google is also working on encryption add-ons.
All browsers provides private and secure use session where we can use browser without storing history, cookies and temp files.

Opera is more secure than Firefox and less compared to Chrome and Edge browsers. It can warn you from a phishing attack or a harmful website; however, it still lacks some of the new protection features which browsers have started to have.

Firefox is also great when privacy is concerned but it lags behind all other top browsers when it comes to security. Firefox is good as far as the user privacy is concerned, which is certainly an important point, but lags behind when it comes to security. Firefox is not completely insecure, it just lags in couple of key features. Firefox does not have sandbox mechanism but their team is working on  implementing Electrolysis feature which will enhance its security parameters.

Edge, Opera and Chrome are similar to each other in providing best protection to it’s users. They all use sandbox environment and can alert you about a potential virus or malware attack. Edge is from Microsoft, but that does not affect much when we compare the security and privacy features of all top 4 browsers.
In this section, Chrome and Edge both are head to head.

And the winner is…..

It seems that chrome is still the top browser in the industry. Chrome is ahead of it’s competitors for years and one of the best feature it have is the extension eco-system. Most people use Chrome as their default browser.

Now i think you guys understand “The Best Web Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Edge” Thanks for reading this blog .please let us know which is the best web Browser in your choice..

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