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12 Amazing Tips Make Android Device Smarter

Make Android Device Smarter

12 Amazing Tips Make Android Device Smarter

1. Boost your Wi-Fi :

For all those who didn’t know, Chrome helps you to save your time and money by cutting on the data usage. This can easily be done by turning the data saver on in the Chrome settings, and you are good to go. Another way is to enable your Wi-Fi while the device is on sleeping mode. This will allow you to download stuff even while your phone’s display is turned off, along with helping you to save battery life since you do not have connect to Wi-Fi every time your phone wakes up.

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2. Use Google Now on Tap :

For this, you need to have Android Marshmallow on your device. What it does is, give you contextual information for all that you have on screen rather than browsing for it manually. To enable it, you can switch it on or off from Search & Now from Google in Settings.

3. Battery Enhancements :

This can be done by turning off ‘ambient display’ or ‘adaptive brightness’. What it does ishelp you to change display brightness according to current environment. This takes up a lot of battery, hence it should be made sure to keep it at the minimum possible level.

4. Grant app permission for each app separately :

This feature, again, is available only for Android Marshmallow users. It helps you to give app permissions to use hardware or data on your device on a need basis. For e.g. if an app requires to use the GPS, it will ask for your permission first while launching the app, unlike the previous Android counterparts. So, this is a game-changer in this case.

5. Use Google Now to allow ‘always listening’ :

Google Now is definitely a must-have as it has all the qualities if a personal assistant, just a virtual. It allows real-time access to data you need, interact with the apps, take notes, set reminders, and much more. All you have to do is, enable ‘always listening’ mode from the Google Voice and speak whatever you want Google to do for you, and, voila, it will be done.

6. Set up Android Device Manager :

This is an amazing feature that helps you to track down your lost or stolen device. All that it does is, remotely lock your device, delete its data, and also display a lock screen message for the one who finds it. You can enable it by activating the Android Device Manger as the device administrator under security section if settings.

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7. Use Pushbullet :

As the name suggests, this app enables you to push links from your PC to your mobile phone or any other device you want. It deviates from the traditional method of copying the URLs fro device to device and allows you get the links where you want them, just at the push of a button, quite literally. It even notifies you of the messages or calls on your PC and transfer of files across various devices.

8. Try using NFC :

NFC is by far, one the best technologies there are. It can connect your Bluetooth headphones to your mobile phone or your old phone to your new to transfer all your data. You can use it for security purposes also like locking your devices, contacting your friends and family when you are home, etc. It is definitely one of the essentials to have in your device.

9. Enable lock screen security :

By now, almost everyone has their smartphone screen locked with a pin, password, or pattern. Of course, it is important as it helps you to secure your personal data in case your device is stolen or lost. It is a must-have.

10. Disable Bloatware :

There are some apps that come pre-installed in your smartphone which may not be of use to you. You may not be able to uninstall them if you haven’t got your device rooted, but you can always disable them to remove some excess bloat and free up some space and make your device run smoothly.

11. Enable Do-Not-Disturb mode:

You may find this option while adjusting your volume or going to the notification centre under the settings section of your device. You can decide when you want DND mode to be switched on and whether any contacts are allowed to ring through anyway or not.

12. Enable photos backup :

Nobody like it when they lose their photos and videos that were so dear to them. Sp it is always considered wise to back your pictures and videos up just in case your phone gets stolen, lost or defected. Google photos is there to help you with this, where you can select auto-backup and the pictures will be backed up on your Google account automatically.

Apart from the aforementioned tips and techniques, there is a lot to discover in your Android device. You are always welcome to dig in and explore as much as you can to make yourself a pro at using Android.

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